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Last year, after having his baby and feeling on top of the world, they tried to kill off Statik G. In 2020 we shook the opposition and now they’re trying even harder to snuff out the Rap Gesus. Money-hungry courts, crooked cops, bounty hunters, fake friends & lovers, jealous rappers have all come for his neck, and now the deadly corona virus that set off a world-wide pandemic even forced RhymeSick to reschedule the KOBK national tour! The show will go on and the music never stops: Statik G's been pushed to every limit and broken every boundary, not just to survive, but to ascend to new heights and help lead people to the new age. KOBK is the end of an era and opens the door to the next saga of Statik G music. It features 13 official tracks plus 3 bonus tracks of the RhymeSick president's best work yet. KOBK Official Tracklist: 1. Everybody Wants Me Dead 2. My Name 3. Save Me 4. Reckless 5. Dirt Nap 6. So Bad With Goodbyes 7. Sorry Mom I'm Savage 8. There Goes the Neighborhood 9. Breathe 10. Can't Keep Me Down 11. Dust It Off 12. Stay Blessed 13. KOBK + 14. Actin Brand New (Physical Copy Only) + 15. Smoke Clouds (Physical Copy Only) + 16. One Day (Physical Copy Only)